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Concrete Tornado Shelter and Concrete Storm Shelters

Oklahoma Concrete Tornado and Storm SheltersProtecting your family against tornadoes and severe thunder storms might seem like a daunting task.  With so many options on the market today, it’s hard to know which concrete storm shelter will really work when a tornado finally hits your home!


Concrete Tornado Shelters and Concrete Storm Shelters You Can Trust

Kustom Krete Concrete has been manufacturing concrete tornado shelters and concrete storm shelters for the past ten years and every shelter meets all FEMA specifications and guidelines so you can trust your family to be safe when you you need it the most.


Pricing for Concrete Tornado Shelters & Concrete Storm Shelters

Most concrete tornado shelters and concrete storm shelter companies online hide behind their websites and force you to fill out their online forms or to call their office just to get a price on their shelters.  So you get passed through to a high pressure salesman whose main job is to sell you a concrete tornado shelter!


Kustom Krete Concrete is one of a small handful of concrete tornado shelter and concrete storm shelter companies that actually tell you up front how much their concrete shelters are on their website.  We care about the safety of your family first and don’t want to pressure you into the purchase of a tornado shelter for your home.  Each installation can have some minor exceptions and we offer some upgrades, but these are our basic prices so you will know the cost of your tornado and storms shelter before you even talk to us.


Above Ground Tornado & Storm Shelter
8 X 8 X 8ft

Starts at $9499

In Ground Tornado & Storm Shelter
4 X 8 X 8ft

Starts at $7499



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Concrete Tornado & Storm Shelter Specifications

36″W X 80″H Door constructed in accordance with Federal Emergency management Agency (FEMA) recommended design specifications.  The design is based on extensive research of the causes and effects of wind storm damage to buildings and should provide a high degree of occupant protection during extreme wind storms (tornadoes and hurricanes).  A Securall® StormSafe® Door is a critical element when designing a safe room for protection against sever strorms.


Strong tornadoes have resulted in loss of the floor framing, collapse of basement walls and death and injuries to individuals in the basement. By having a safe room in your home, you can protect your family and save the lives of those you care about.


  • 12 Gauge Galvannealed Steel Door and Frame.
  • Door Skin Attached With 1/4” Dia. x 1-1/4” Long Hex Head Screws, Front and Back.
  • Rigid Polyurethane Foam Core.
  • (2) 12 Gauge Vertical Steel Stiffeners Inside Door Panel.
  • Perimeter of Door Panel Reinforced with 12 Gauge Steel Channel.
  • (13) 18 Gauge Steel Pipe Anchors. 5 in each Frame Jamb and 3 in Frame Head. Wood or Masonry Screws Included.
  • Door and Frame Finished in Light Gray Epoxy Urethane Primer.
  • (3) Grade 1 Deadbolts with 1” Throw. Keyed Alike.
  • (3) 7-Gauge Lock and Strike Reinforcements at each Deadbolt Location.
  • (3) 7-Gauge Lock and Strike Reinforcements at each Deadbolt Location.
  • (4) Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Hinges.
  • Perimeter of Door Sealed with Screw-On Type Weatherseal.